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Please take time to read the following statements carefully as signature indicates acceptance. 

JuppLee LLC has experience in helping clients overcome their suspension with a number of providers, such as Google Ads, Google Merchant Center, Facebook, Amazon, and other service providers.

The main purpose of your engagement with JuppLee LLC is to act as a consultant to review your website, and to see why your account is suspended. Once we have identified the possible reasons why your account is suspended, we ask you to fix any issues found, and file an appeal with the organization that has suspended your account. 

What JuppLee LLC will do.

•       JuppLee LLC will invoice and take a payment from the client of

•       JuppLee LLC will research all known Policies to see if the client is in violation of the Google Ads polices and terms and conditions.

•       JuppLee LLC will file an appeal with the organization that has suspended your account.  

•       JuppLee LLC will communicate with the organization and keep the client up to date with the appeal process.

•       JuppLee LLC cannot guarantee your account will be re activated, or the time frame to get your account unsuspended. There are no refunds for our service.

•       You agree to work with JuppLee and provide all documents that JuppLee requests that prove your business is a legitimate business.

•       You agree that the State of Colorado will have jurisdiction to handle any business dispute, which may include issuing you a claim in the small claims court.

•       You also agree that should your business default on any outstanding monies owed, you will act as a personal guarantee and pay any money due upon request. 


We have much planned for the future, working with great clients and continued marketing strategies.

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