Web Design And Web Management

$450.00 / month

If you’re planning to set your business up for success online, you’ll want a beautiful, robust website.



The Jupplee Team is composed of developers with a background and extensive experience in web design and web management.

We can offer to extend our services and work with you on creating a solid, high quality website that is reliable in the eyes of search engines.

Our team of experts have excellent communication skills and can communicate changes effectively and promptly.

We have experience working with several hosting platforms and website builders including (but not limited to): WordPress, Wix, Breezy, GoDaddy, Siteground, and more! 

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The Service Includes

  • Website Setup – Discuss with Jupplee if you have a specific hosting provider you’d like to go with or if you’d prefer to use our go-to for website creation and setup.
  • Page Creation – The Jupplee team can work with you to set up high quality and professional looking pages.
  • Landing Page Generation – Our developers have extensive experience in creating beautiful landing pages to increase customer retention, collect leads, upsell products, and much much more.
  • Content Management – We can manage and update content as needed in a timely manner to make sure you have the freshest and up-to-date content.

Web Design And Management is a daunting task for most businesses, as there are many options for website builders and a lot of moving pieces. Take some of the work-load off by hiring our development to get started today at just $450 a month.

A solid website is just the first step to owning a successful business online. Along with this, you should consider going the full nine-yards and sign up for our additional services to maximize visibility online. These can include our Google Advertising Management Service, SEO Service, Facebook Management, or even Local SEO depending on if you’re a local-based business serving in limited areas.