Daniel Jupp of JuppLee LLC. Express Concern over the Increasing Rate of Disabled Advertising Accounts

Experienced digital marketing professional and founder of JuppLee LLC., Daniel Jupp, reveals how small businesses can keep their online ad account running and away from search engine suspension

JuppLee LLC. has grown to become one of the leading digital advertising agencies, with Daniel Jupp and his team leveraging their expertise to help put businesses on the global map and grow their brand by harnessing the power of the internet. In a related development, Daniel recently expressed concerns over the increasing number of organizations, especially small businesses, complaining about their advertising account coming under the strong hammer of search engines and seeing “circumventing system policy” messages.

JuppLee has been contacted by over 100 companies in the last 30 days whose advertising accounts have been suspended.” - Daniel Jupp. “Companies are going out of business because they cannot advertise online.

Digital marketing has practically leveled the playing ground for businesses, allowing the relatively small players in each industry to compete favorably with the big guys and reach their target audience using carefully created ads. However, the reliance of small businesses on search engine advertising has become shaky in recent times, following the increasing number of disabled accounts due to several reasons, leading to the loss of businesses, with the seemingly bad attitude of the customer service at some of the search engines not particularly helping matters. Consequently, Daniel and his team at JuppLee LLC. are looking to save businesses the stress that comes with losing their ad accounts.

According to Daniel Jupp, most accounts get suspended for suspicious payment activity and circumventing systems policy, as stated in the terms of major search engines. Other possible violations include the promotion of unauthorized pharmacies, coordinated deceptive practices, and unacceptable business practices. However, JuppLee LLC. boasts a team of highly experienced and well-trained professionals with the knowledge to reach the target audience.

In addition to handling AdWords Suspension and account restoration, Daniel Jupp, with his over 15 years of digital media advertising also offers search engine optimization (SEO), PPC Management, and Web Design.

For further information about JuppLee LLC and the range of solutions offered, visit - www.jupplee.com.