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Recently, the JuppLee team worked with a client spending over $100,000 a month on ads to get their Google Ads account reinstated. This case was a peculiar one, as this particular client Google Ads suspended for Circumventing Systems Policies. The reason they were suspended is due to the business not completing the Business Operations Verification process that Google Ads will have every advertiser do after a set period of time that the account is opened.

Generally, this process is straight-forward and requires businesses to fill out a form that consists of about 30 questions. These questions are set up to verify the legitimacy of businesses. Such questions would need advertisers to include details such as their:

    1. Business model (for example – Authorized reseller, Affiliate, direct provider of goods/services)
    2. Business registration information
    3. Product / service offerings
    4. Business practices
    5. Relationships with advertised brands or third parties, if applicable

Business Verification is a Case – By – Case Scenario

The verification process can be stunted by advertisers not providing adequate information to Google Ads on the form or by a business not filling it out before the deadline Google Ads gives. More explicit reasons why Google Ads may not accept your verification form can be found on their article page for verification here.

In our case with this client, the advertiser in question had filled out the form multiple times, but every time they would be rejected. We had found that there were a number of reasons why this was the case. In hindsight, the questions on the form can be somewhat ambiguous to advertisers depending on the nature of their business.

The business we were assisting is an affiliate marketer, and when Google Ads asked them to describe their relationship with the affiliate networks they advertise for, they couldn’t provide any form of documentation that solidifies the relationship between them and those networks. We worked with the client to sum up some form of documentation that represents the affiliate to advertiser relationship, which ended up including a few contracts.

Additionally, we had found that their answers to certain questions were lacking substance and did not provide enough details to Google Ads to explain the nature of the business. When the JuppLee team became aware of this, they put together detailed responses for the business and assisted in filling in the form again with the new responses.

It took some time and effort, but with the newly collected documentation and revised answers, the account was reinstated in less than a month after suspension.

The verification process can be a challenge for advertisers, especially affiliate marketers who don’t usually have relationship agreements in place. However, JuppLee understands the lingo that Google Ads is looking for during verification, and that is why we extend our services to advertisers.

The advertiser we assisted was familiar with our services and signed up for our Circumventing Systems Policies Appeal service to get their account fixed.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Google Ads verification process, or just need help getting your account reinstated in general, you can rely on any of our services found on the prices page of our website.

Or, if you’re looking to consult with us, you can Request A Consultation or give us a call to our direct line to speak with a representative at 720-390-2124.

Keep your account safe from suspension with Jupplee and get your business verified today!

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