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Unfortunately, at JuppLee we've come across a considerable number of Google Ads accounts suspended for "unacceptable business practices."

Curious about what this message from your Google Ads account indicating "unacceptable business practices" really means? Let's refer to Google's official guidelines.

Google explains that for minor infractions within your website or Google Ads account, you will generally receive a warning. This notice will detail the issue and offer guidance on how to rectify it, usually at least a week prior to any suspension.

However, if you haven't received this warning, you might be dealing with what's known as an "egregious violation."

In Google's words, "An egregious violation leads to immediate suspension of the account, often without advance warning. Such a violation is so severe that it either breaks the law or causes substantial harm to our users or the broader digital advertising network."

Circumventing systems

Coordinated deceptive practices


Promotion of unauthorized pharmacies

Unacceptable business practices

Trade Sanctions violation

Sexually explicit content


There are also a number of sub-policies that could put your account at risk of immediate or temporary suspensions. Those are:

Age Requirements

Ads Grant Policy

Unauthorized Account Activity

Billing And Payment Issues


If you also have malware on your website, this can be a issue, we would recommend you use the free Google tool

Once you have made sure your website complies, you can submit an appeal. If you have already done this and your site is still suspended, contact us and we can help you fix your Google Ads account suspension for violation of the Unacceptable Business Practices.


We have much planned for the future, working with great clients and continued marketing strategies.

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January 9th, 2024 05:35 pm

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