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Counterfeit Goods: Google Ads Violation Guide

Suspended On Google Ads For The Counterfeit Goods Policy? We can help!

Unfortunately, here at JuppLee, we've encountered numerous Google Ads accounts hit with the suspension for "counterfeit goods."

Wondering what exactly this Google Ads message about counterfeit goods means? Let's delve into Google's official stance on this.

According to Google, for minor violations in your website or Google Ads account, you should receive a warning that outlines the specific issue and suggests remedies. This warning typically arrives at least a week before any suspension action is taken.

However, if no such warning has been received, you might be dealing with what Google terms an "egregious violation."

Google's policy clarifies, "Egregious violations lead to immediate account suspension, without prior notification. These are severe breaches that are either illegal or significantly damaging to our users or the digital advertising ecosystem."

Circumventing systems

Coordinated deceptive practices


Promotion of unauthorized pharmacies

Unacceptable business practices

Trade Sanctions violation

Sexually explicit content


There are also a number of sub-policies that could put your account at risk of immediate or temporary suspensions. Those are:

Age Requirements

Ads Grant Policy

Unauthorized Account Activity

Billing And Payment Issues


If you also have malware on your website, this can be an issue, we would recommend you use the free Google tool.

Once you have made sure your website complies, you can submit an appeal. If you have already done this and your site is still suspended, contact us and we can help you fix your Google Ads account suspension for violation of the Counterfeit Goods Policy.

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JuppLee LLC is a digital media company located in Denver Colorado, United States Of America, and we are an official Google Partner. Our CEO Daniel Jupp has been in the paid advertising sector since 2005. In the last 3 years JuppLee has seen a increase in requirements for helping clients with their paid advertising suspension. We have training and experience in helping clients fix their merchant accounts, my business accounts and paid advertising accounts.

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