Is Your Google Ads account suspended in Australia ?

If your based in Australia we have some great deals for you!

We are expanding to Australia. 

JuppLee is a digital media agency based in the USA. Our main expertise is to help clients who's Google ads account has been suspended for the following reasons

  • Suspicious Payment Activity
  • Circumventing Systems
  • Unacceptable Business Practices
  • Business Operations Verification Failure
  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Google Merchant Center Suspensions

We are currently offering a discount of up to 20% on any appeal you make with our company.

 Who Is JuppLee LLC?

Watch our introductory video here to learn more.

Google Ads Suspended Case Studies

Our Case Studies

JuppLee has been helping clients fix their Google Ad Suspended accounts for a number of years. We have now started creating videos of our success from start to finish.

You can watch the videos here.


Reduced Prices In Australia

JuppLee LLC is a agency located in Australian, however we are soon looking to open a office in Sydney and as a result are offering a price reduction of 20% on any of our full reviews.

Our prices for customers in Australia is as follows. (This includes the discount)

(Australian Dollars)

Initial Account review $285 Australian Dollars.

Appeal For Suspicious Payment Activity $1000 Australian Dollars.

Appeal For Circumventing Systems Policies $1800 Australian Dollars.

Appeal For Unacceptable Business Practices $1900 Australian Dollars.



How do you want to proceed?

Call us - Our reception is open 24 hours a day. 

Sydney Contact Number +61 2 7202 1443.

1st Step is to Arrange a account review for USD $185 / $285 USD 

Or Request more information