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When you’ve exhausted your efforts to rectify issues with your Google ad account, it’s crucial to proceed with caution. First and foremost, it’s essential to clarify that this isn’t legal advice, and seeking legal counsel is advisable if legal action is being considered.

At JuppLee, we recognize the frustration that comes with a suspended Google ad account. We understand that downtime means losing money. There are typically three main reasons for a Google ads account suspension:

1. Suspicious payment activity, which may also involve a notice for unpaid balances.
2. Circumventing system policies.
3. Unacceptable business practices.

Additionally, we’ve observed instances where individuals are suspended for failing to meet advertiser verification requirements with Google.

So, what are your options?

1. Engage a professional company like JuppLee to handle your appeal. When we undertake an appeal, we meticulously review your Google account to identify the cause of the violation. In many cases, clients aren’t in violation. In such instances, we craft detailed appeals outlining why you’re not in violation, often spanning around ten pages.

After submitting the appeal, we receive a case number from Google, enabling us to track all communications between JuppLee and Google. Google will respond to our appeal with either acceptance or rejection. If rejected, we’ll reach out to Google to determine what additional documentation is needed.

However, if during our investigation we discover an issue—around 3 out of 10 cases—we’ll request that you address these issues before filing an appeal.

2. If the appeal is rejected for various reasons, there’s still hope. In the United States, the Google Ads contract includes a Dispute Resolution Agreement. This agreement mandates arbitration for all disputes and claims between Google and customers or advertisers arising from or relating to the Programs or these Terms.

This agreement covers a broad range of claims and issues and includes provisions for arbitration procedures and costs. JuppLee can initiate the mediation process on your behalf. In Europe, clients can utilize a different mediation process known as P2B Mediation, in accordance with the European Union Regulation 2019/1150. Google has designated CEDR’s P2B Mediation Panel to provide independent and impartial mediation services for P2B disputes across the UK and Europe.

Navigating the Google mediation process can be complex, but with the right support, it’s possible to address issues and potentially resolve disputes effectively.

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