JuppLee Expands to Europe: Leveraging P2B Regulation to Aid Google Ad and Merchant Suspension Disputes

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JuppLee Expands to Europe: Leveraging P2B Regulation to Aid Google Ad and Merchant Suspension Disputes

In a significant move that promises to transform the landscape for businesses facing Google Ad and Google Merchant suspension issues, JuppLee, a renowned leader in this field, has taken a bold step by opening its European office. The strategic decision behind this expansion is rooted in the European Union Regulation 2019/1150, known as P2B, which aims to promote fairness and transparency for EU business users of online intermediation services, such as Google’s platforms.

P2B Regulation Explained

The P2B Regulation has been a game-changer for EU businesses, demanding that platforms like Google identify third-party mediators who can facilitate the resolution of disputes when EU business customers raise concerns about platform behavior. This regulation is a vital step toward leveling the playing field and ensuring that businesses are treated fairly in their dealings with online intermediation services.

Google’s Commitment to Mediation
Google, in compliance with P2B, has recognized the need for independent and impartial mediation services to address P2B disputes across the UK and Europe. To meet this need, Google has chosen to partner with the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), an independent organization renowned for its expertise in providing mediation and alternative dispute resolution processes.

The Google Mediation Process
CEDR’s P2B Mediation Panel is now the designated body to oversee and facilitate the mediation process for disputes involving Google’s online intermediation services. With a team of highly skilled mediators, CEDR is equipped to administer independent mediation services between business users and Google, ensuring a fair and impartial assessment of disputes.

Benefits for Suspended Businesses
One of the most significant benefits of this development is that companies suspended by Google for their merchant accounts or Google Ads accounts now have access to an independent mediator who will assess whether Google is acting fairly in their suspension cases. This offers a glimmer of hope for businesses struggling with Google’s decisions and provides an avenue for a more equitable resolution.

Not Just for European Companies
While the European office of JuppLee is strategically positioned to leverage P2B, it’s essential to note that this initiative benefits not only European businesses but also those located outside the European Union. JuppLee’s European office will be equipped to argue on behalf of clients worldwide. If negotiations for account reinstatement fail, JuppLee can link your suspended account to its European office.

The Power of Legal Coverage
Because the European office operates within the bounds of EU law, it doesn’t matter if your business or website is based outside the European Union. JuppLee Europe can advocate that it is losing revenue due to its inability to advertise your services or products, thereby strengthening your case.

JuppLee’s expansion into Europe and its utilization of P2B mediation services offered by CEDR is a game-changing development for businesses grappling with Google Ad and Merchant suspension issues. This move enhances transparency, fairness, and the possibility of a favorable resolution for companies both within and beyond the EU’s borders. With JuppLee’s expertise and the power of EU law behind them, businesses now have a stronger ally when navigating the complex world of Google’s online intermediation services.


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