Is your advertising account suspended?

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We are sorry to hear your advertising account has been suspended. There a number of reasons why your account is suspended, and normally falls under three main categories. 

The first reason could be because there is a billing issue. Please don’t worry, we have experience in fixing these issues, even if you have entered the address that matches your card billing details, there still could be issues that you are not aware of.

The second reason could be because of the error message “Circumventing System Policy”, this is a more complex issue. We can look through the Google ad policy and see what policy you are in violation of. Once we know the issue, we will advise you of the issue, and submit the appeal on your behalf.

The third common reason is unacceptable business practices. This is the system saying there is something wrong with your business, and we need to convince Google otherwise, we need proof that you are a legitimate business not out to harm anyone.

We understand this is frustrating, we have been exactly where you are, we have had our own account suspended in the past but managed to resolve the issue. We are willing to work with you to get your ads running ASAP

As a part of our service we will also 

  • Check your URL for any viruses 
  • Check your URL for any malware
  • Check your website to make sure your webpage can be opened all over the world
  • Check the Ad Policies to see if you are in breach , and recommend what you can do to fix your account.
  • Prepare and upload the appeal documents for you

Our business is to get your ads running again! -We are happy to provide references upon request! 

Please remember no one is able to fix your suspension, only the advertising network can do this. What we can do , is use our training and experience to see what is causing the issue, and point you in the right direction.

We can arrange a free review of your website to see what is causing the issue, fill in the form below for more information


We are in the process of getting some video references from our past clients, but in the mean time please see examples of our work below.

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