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How can we get your ads running today?

Before we guarantee, yes we said guarantee we can run your ads; we need to ensure your website can run on Google. There are two main reasons why your website may fail to run.

  1. There is an issue with your website.
  2. There is an issue with your physical Google Ad Account.

To find the issue, i.e. your site or Google ad account, JuppLee will act as your marketing agency, creating a Google ads account and running it on your behalf.

If we get the ads running without being suspended, we know it is an issue with your physical Google ad account. If our account gets suspended, then we know it's an issue with your website. 

Our fee for this service is as follows.

  1. Management fee of $385 per month or 10% of your Google spend.
  2. We take one week's deposit of your ad spend in advance. For example, if your ad budget is $2000 per month, your deposit will be $500

In the scenario above, you would pay $385 + $500 when we start advertising. You will be billed every Monday in arrears.

Please fill in this form to start the process, and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.