Google Ads Suspension Review $185

Experts in helping customers fix their Google Ad Suspension.

About the review process.

JuppLee LLC is a digital media company located in Denver Colorado, United States Of America. Our CEO Daniel Jupp has been in the paid advertising sector since 2005. In the last 3 years JuppLee has seen a increase in requirements for helping clients with their paid advertising suspension. We have training and experience in helping clients fix their merchant accounts, my business accounts and paid advertising accounts. 

When you instruct us to carry out the review, we will look at your Google ad account and use our training and experience to understand what is causing the suspension.

We can help in with the following suspensions.

  • Cirumventing System Policy.
  • Suspicious payment activity.
  • Unacceptable Business Practices.
  • Counterfeit Goods.
  • Unauthorized access.